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There be Dragons !!


Less of the Fire Breathing Scary variety , more of the Cuddly , 'he's my favourite bouncer' variety. Now available in our new room matching GREY with accent of White colourway.


Many a Brave Knight has conquered our HappyHopperz® Dragons and have been seen riding proudly atop these tamed beasts across living room and bedrooms all over the world


**UPDATE - This design now straddles both size/age brackets as when inflated with less air the body is thinner and therefore suitable for those with shorter legs (12mths-2.5yrs) and then when inflated fuller becomes suitable for those with longer legs (2.5yrs- 5yrs) ,so now this design can be enjoyed by both age groups.Happy Bouncing !!**


**PUMP INCLUDED** - Open , Pump , Bounce!!


All our HappyHopperz® are Age rated 12mths and feature our unique One way inflation valve making  sure  NO SMALL PARTS PRESENT. 

(XL range excluded)

Grey Dragon