movement & space,
body awareness
our fun excercise games to get the most out of using your hopper
confidence and balance
strengthen core muscles
co-ordination skills
fun games to play using happy hopperz®

Hopperz Bounce Bounce

  • Bounce up and down on the spot
  • Count the bounces and set targets.
  • Ask your child to count with you
  • Bounce from side to side
  • Bounce using only the left leg
  • Bounce using only the right leg

Hopperz Traffic Lights

  • The game is played by children moving around the room on their Hopperz whilst following the instructions called out by an adult
  • RED = Stop
  • AMBER = Bounce on the spot
  • GREEN = Bounce away
  • ROUNDABOUT = Bounce in a circle
  • TRAFFIC JAM = Bounce Slowly
  • CAR PARK = Bounce backwards into a
    'Parking Space'

Hopperz Bounce 'n Go

  • Have fun learning to bounce in all directions
  • See how far your child can bounce in 30 seconds
  • Bounce in and out of obstacles
  • Bounce in patterns on the floor i.e. shapes, letters and numbers
  • Bounce to the corners of the room/area then to the middle
  • Bounce to the names of pictures: lable areas with pictures, numbers, names or points of the compass and encourage children to bounce to them