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Register your interest below & be in with a chance to win a 2018 HappyHopperz®


Lots & Lots of research (ie some serious bouncing sessions) have resulted in our new 2018 range.

Featuring brand new designs , pastel tones & never before produced Metallic PVCs , this summer is going to be a fantastic multicoloured , multi sensory Bouncing Bonaza.

Too cute a Triceratops ,  Magical Unicorns , Big Face Boisterous Bulls & Gold Moos Cows and are just some of the new designs galloping their way to us.

News of the pending arrival of our much anticipated 2018 range is filtering out there , so we wanted to give you a place to have a sneak peak & to register your interest, so as soon as we have a confirmed arrival we can make sure you're one of the  first customers that receives a new HappyHopperz®.

As an incentive we will be giving away a new 2018 HappyHopperz® to

x 5 Lucky pre registered customers. 

Register now using the contact us form below !

Happy Hoppingz!

Register Now for a chance to Win a 2018 HappyHopperz® of your choice!

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