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What are HappyHopperz   ?

HappyHopperz® are a collection of bright inflatable animals brought into being by a husband and wife (and parents) team from the south of England. Not only do HappyHopperz® rival the space hoppers of the 1970's but they also take the 'bounce' experience to a whole new level. By taking the much space hopper, reinventing it, and making it accessible to the toddler market, HappyHopperz® have enabled even the smallest of little ones to independently climb onboard and enjoy hours of fun BOUNCING without the risk injury.  HappyHopperz®  are specially designed with ears or horns for hand grips and feet for stabilisers that make the whole process of bouncing ultimately more safe than ever before.

Made from EU approved pthalates-free PVC, HappyHopperz® come in three sizes and a variety of styles and colours.  They are durable, soft and flexible as well as CE tested and approved. 

HappyHopperz® can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be used in the smallest of spaces. They don't require batteries and don't make any annoying noises or emit flashing lights -

a hark back to when toys were proper toys!

HappyHopperz® are available in three sizes:

Thin Bodied HappyHopperz®: for smaller toddlers

Wide Bodied HappyHopperz®: for larger toddlers, and

XL happyHopperz®: for both children and adults


What else is special about HappyHopperz® ?

HappyHopperz® have been created as a 12 month+ age rated product. Each design has an integrated internal one way valve so there are NO SMALL PARTS PRESENT. HappyHopperz® is the only product dedicated to & designed for the under 3 toddler market, but our new XL size caters for the whole family.

HappyHopperz® are designed so that they are never more than 12" above the ground thus minimising the risk of injury, particularly for the youngest of our bouncers.  During the process of your child bouncing on a HappyHopperz® the feet stabilise the bounce, for the more adventurous hoppers, up to the point of all four feet talking off (!) with immediate re-stabilisation when the feet make contact with the floor again - either the rear two, or all four at the same time.

HappyHopperz® "Learn Play and Develop" programme helps children to strengthen those all important core muscles which in turn assist balance control and help develop co-ordination skills. The whole programme focuses on Fun whilst learning and developing new skills -  physically, mentally and socially, whilst gaining self confidence and spatial awareness.

Children can use HappyHopperz® as chairs for watching television, storytime or just a shoulder to lean on, but most importantly for bouncing.

They can be inflated and deflated in a matter of seconds making them super-portable. So, play with them indoors or in the garden, or why not take them to the park. Even better, deflate them and pack in your suitcase for a happy-bouncy holiday!!

What are HappyHopperz® doing now?

The HappyHopperz® team are constantly striving to develop and deliver fun products that will enthral the whole family. Having worked hard to supply HappyHopperz® to the retail industry , you will find HappyHopperz®  are now stocked by the majority of big high street names , numerous independant retailers , Petting farms and Zoos. You can also find loads of bouncy fun with HappyHopperz® at soft play centres, schools and nurseries nationwide.

The benefits of HappyHopperz® as a therapeutic aid for the care of children with Cystic Fibrosis and Autism have been well proven through our work with both Parents and Therapists. HappyHopperz® have now forged relationships within in the NHS and Paediatric Occupational Therapy sector so that our 'Hopperz' can be used by physiotherapists & occupational therapists as a rehabilitation tools to strengthen muscles through daily and weekly exercises and also to stimulate motor neuron systems (the foundation for developing skills such as memory, language, jumping and running).

HappyHopperz®  are also brilliant as a 'pre-walker' aid, encouraging crawling babies to work their leg muscles and stimulate them into taking those wonderful first steps.

Never resting on their laurels, the team are always looking new ideas on which to work and bringing further joy and laughter into the play space. We welcome suggestions, so if you have any ideas of your own just drop us a line through the contact page.

Keep an eye out for new products and let all your friends know!


© Happy Hopperz® 2018 all rights reserved

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